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MJI Entertainment

"Expressing The Dance Of Michael' Jackson's Music"

MJI Entertainment has specialized in Michael Jackson Tributes for over 12 years, with achievements of a riveting fusion emphasizing the visuals of Michael's music and dance. MJI Entertainment provide audiences Michael’s physical expression of music and literally bring to life his signature wardrobe and dance moves unfolding Michael Jackson’s professional artistry before the eyes of the audience.


"The Essence Of Robotic Human Statue - Mime Performance"

Using not a single word, Illusion Of Human Animation convey classic live statue & mime through robotic mannequin and mime language, isolated body movement and lifeless robotic expression. While the stereotypical human statue is thought to stay still and not move, Illusion Of Human Animation steps outside that form of boredom because he intrigue as well as entertain while outfitted in any number of colors and various costumes

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"Tribute 2 Prince Show"

The TYME Revue - Tribute 2 Prince Show captures the imagination and seamlessly returns you to the movie PURPLE RAIN that featured Morris Day and The Time songs "Jungle Love" and "The Bird."


Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer

PopaDOK has experience in many genres including Acting, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Author, Media Entrepreneur, Teacher and Professional Entertainer. He is known as a chameleon for his ability to personify such a wide range of talents. From birthday parties to corporate venues PopaDOK is available internationally for all types of events.

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